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Julie Trimingham Listens to the “Mockingbird” Song


Mockingbird is Julie Trimingham’s debut novel. Rich with the sights, sounds, and smells of Cuba, the novel is told through the eyes of Mia, an unemployed actress tagging along with her lackluster boyfriend as he desperately works to finish his book. Her days are spent ambling through the neighborhoods with a mix of thrill and tedium. While out one day, Mia happens upon an abandoned baby in a car, which she feels more connected to than anything that she has in ages. That connection that leads her to questionable decisions as her drive to keep the child strengthens. The visuals Trimingham paints are no doubt the result of her filmmaking career, where her eye for detail is evident. We wanted to find out more about Mockingbird, Trimingham’s filmmaking, and what drew her to Cuba.

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