Aritha van Herk on Mockingbird

“Julie Trimingham’s Mockingbird is a novel teeming with yearning, with the indescribable smells and tastes of Cuban ardor. This tale of passion and its smudged fate, its undeniable allure, intensifies with each improvised move, so that readers have to gasp for breath, yet cannot help but follow this impossible seduction, and the center of gravity that shapes the beauty known as longing.”

Aritha van Herk is an award winning Canadian novelist whose work has been acclaimed throughout North America and Europe. Her  books include JudithThe Tent PegNo Fixed Address: An Amorous JourneyPlaces Far From EllesmereRestlessnessIn Visible Ink and A Frozen Tongue. Her most recent expedition into time and words is Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta.

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