The Joy of (killer whale) Sex

Version 2

I’ve always had a thing for whales. One of my favorite stuffed animals when I was a child was a Shamu (before we all knew how awful SeaWorld is: Blackfish, a documentary film ). The  whale is variously misnamed: killer whale (a smart carnivore, but by no means a psychopath); orcinus orca (creepy, meaning “from the kingdom of the dead”); blackfish (yes, black; but no, not a fish). The whale sings and clicks in communication. Matriarchs rule the family, and remember whale history.  Sometimes I can see members of the J, K, or L pods swimming by in the straits close to my home, and I’ve been transfixed, blissed out, watching them. So when a Moth StorySlam themed JOY came up, I wanted to include an orca-blackfish-killer whale as part of my story. (There are other, un-whaley, parts, too)